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About Us


We are Nellie Mae

We are always getting asked where our name comes from. In 2010 Nellie Mae co-founders, Courtney Thompson and Meagan Richardson, decided to pursue a childhood dream. Growing up as cousins, Courtney and Meagan had a make-believe store named "Rocky Road." In 2011 when dreams became reality, they decided it was probably best not to name their business after their favorite ice cream flavor. Instead, they established their boutique under the name of Nellie Mae-- the name of their great grandmother. 


Nellie Mae's brick and mortar store is located in the heart of historic downtown Tuscumbia. We have a headquarters in the Shoals area where we are staffed by a creative group of inspiring people. Each of us have a unique trait that adds value to the rest of the team. We are silly, authentic, creative and driven to serve you the latest and cutest looks. We believe in fashion, comfort, great friends, good food, a good cry here and there, travel, hard work and self-love. Our site is for those of you who are looking for a little something special in their online experience!